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UBITRACK is a satellite tracking system that combines GSM and GPS technologies with internet service, allowing in a fast simple way the monitoring and localization of vehicles, assets, and persons worldwide, in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

UBITRACK not only provides permanent online information that allows a strict control of the use of assets and personnel wherever they are, but also data about speed, used routes, stop times, violation of working areas, etc. In a few minutes everything is displayed in our system and reported by email or cellular phone.

How it works?
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  • Track vehicles, assets or persons in an individual or grupal basis.
  • Maximize the perfomance and cost-effectivness of vehicles and drivers.
  • Control and improve the driving conditions of your employees.
  • Verify your delivery times, and offer better services and information.
  • Check records and control groups through online reports.
  • Find the nearest vehicle to your target, with the address localization tool.
  • Control the correct use of your fleet and avoid unnecesary fines.
  • Let your customers monitor their own loads and deliveries.
  • Recover in case of robery.
  • And a lot more.
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