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UBITRACK® offers you a new concept in Localization Services

With UBITRACK® you will be able to access in an inmediate way to a complete service solution in the mobile device localization industry, that will allow you to attach new business to the ones you already have without investments or risks.

Our localization services have been designed especially for their application in corporative operations (B2B), permiting our holesalers to develop this new business and taking advantage of the commercialization opportunities that appear daily in their influence area or in their current portfolio.
If your business is connected with services related to:

  • Security
  • Logistics
  • Property Monitoring
  • Vehicles repair and maintenance
  • Commercialization of auto parts
  • Vehicles sales
  • Services in the automotive market
  • Commercialization in affinity groups
  • Brokers and Insurance Companies
Now you can add a new and profitable business!!!


  • Obtain the best costs in equipment of the market
  • Get into a new business without risk and previous investments
  • Become a part of an international service net
  • Recieve referred customers on you influence area
  • Participate in promotion and marketing strategies on a regional basis
  • Train at no-cost and with no delay
  • Offer 24 hours technical and system support
  • Incorporate new services every month
  • Obtain important discounts from Insurance Companies
  • Answer through our call center
  • Centralize operations, invoicing and collections
  • Get a permanent technological updating

  Becoming a part of UBITRACK NETWORK you can access in an inmediate way to a first level service without losing time or money in training costs. From the first client you will be offering a service that only the biggest companies in this business, with millonary equipment investments and huge expenses of monthly mainteinance, can afford.

In UBITRACK NETWORK this investments are already solved and the expenses are amortized due to the quantity of usesrs that the net has all arround the world.

It doesn´t matter the city or country where you are, enter today in this profitable business, and participate of the benefits of becoming a part of the largest International Group of corporate services in localization arround the world.


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