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UBITRACK provides permanent online information that allows a strict control on the use of assets and personnel wherever they are. Information about speed, used routes, stop time, violation of working areas etc. They will be displayed on your system and you will recieve an alert on your email or cellular phone inmediatly.

  • Localize your vehicles, assets, or persons in an individual or group basis.
  • Maximize the perfomance and cost-effectivness of vehicles and drivers.
  • Control and improve the driving conditions.
  • Verify delivery times and offer a better service to your clients.
  • Check the historical information through the reports online.
  • Find addresses and the nearest vehicles to your target.
  • Control the correct use of your fleet.
  • Allow your clients their own monitoring.
  • Recover your vehicles and assets in case of robery.
  • Verify the daily activity of the people out of the company, office, or home.

Through different types of devices that combinate GPS and GSM technologies, the information arrives instantly to our data-base, generating reports, alerts, and any additional information you requiered.

The systems works with a multimap schema that enables a preview over digital georeferenced cartography, in Google Earth, Google Map and Virtual Earth allowing the possibility of using the better maps and photos available for the working area where your vehicles assets are located.


Used in all kind of vehicles. Trucks, vans, off roads, compacts, road and farming machines, planes, ships etc. Allows interaction with different types of sensors inside the vehicle, reporting in real time, and letting the system their monitoring online. It also enables activation of relays, sirens and other mechanisms inside the vehicle.


Reduced dimentions, low consume and rechargeable Li-Ion built-in battery, this device is used in loads, all type of machines, motorcicles, etc. Also it can work in an autonomic basis feeded by its built-in battery.

This is a portable kind of device, rechargeable Li-Ion battery-in and can be used by all types of persons, employees, olders, childrens, even people with all kinds of health problems. It can also be used inside luggage, backpacks, suitcases and travel bags.

The UBITRACK SELF CONTAINER system is an independent device that can be installed without external feed. Is perfect for containers control, machines, truck trailers, and mobile installations. Built with an aerodynamic design, contains rechargeable batteries inside and solar panels that keep the charge permanently. It can be installed outside, with screws or any kind of strong adhesive. Optionally, can be interconnected with sensors of movement, temperature, dismantle sensors, etc.


The integrated solution for tracking and control of your goods.

What is Ubicar Mobile?

Grupo Calipso and Ubicar integrate their technologies in order to offer a system software of delivery with satellite tracking. This solution makes possible a complete control online of what happens with goods and employees when they are out of the Company. The combination of both technologies allows the user to be informed and monitor the delivery status in real time, from any place of the world, through satellite tracking (even from their cellular phones). It also improves the customer relationship since you can keep him informed about the status content and location of the orders by sms, email or web page.

What can you do?

  • Satellite tracking on line of transported goods.
  • Control of the hired fleet.
  • Delivery times optimization.
  • Provide constant information about the events of their orders to the final customer.
  • Reduction on time and mistakes in the transportation reports.
  • Tracking of employees and orders in delivery tasks.
  • Cost decrease.

How it works?

From a website you can program the routes of each vehicle. The driver recieves all the information and his news in his cellular phone, and reports of the delivery status. In this way your client is updated about events and at the same time the administration can evaluate online the delivery status and even modify it.

From the same website, the central administration monitors and analices the state of the deliveries online through the indicators and reports that are available. The website can be acceded by different mobile devices (palms, blackberrys,etc.) in order to perform the control from any place.

The central administration can cancel or change the delivery route and program new notifications by email.
The client configures the access for his final customers allowing them to view pending deliveries and their details. They can also configure automatic notifications of events (e-mail, sms) according to changes (deliveries suspend, finished, etc.).


  • On line tracking of deliveries with access from any PC.
  • Online audit of employees and work loads.
  • Control of times and routes followed.
  • Reduction of delivery time by having anticipated routes information.